We expect all of our pupils to wear school uniform. However, to keep costs to a minimum, the only branded items we ask children to wear are our red school jumper with Langford logo, and our red school PE t-shirt with Langford logo, which can be purchased from School Uniform Direct. 

Our uniform policy can be found here.

Uniform for all pupils (including Nursery):

  • Grey trousers, grey shorts, grey skirt, grey pinafore or red and white gingham pinafore
  • Red wool jumper or cardigan with Langford logo* (required)
  • Formal white shirt - short or long sleeved (no polo shirts) (required)
  • Black, white or grey socks or tights
  • Black school shoes (no trainers) (required)
  • Black, white, red or grey hairbands/ribbons may be worn
  • Small stud earrings and watches may be worn but must be removed for PE

+ for pupils in KS2 (ie Years 3-6):

As above, plus a school tie* (required)

PE Kit

  • Red Langford logo PE t-shirt* (required)
  • Black shorts or black jogging trousers
  • White socks
  • Black plimsolls/trainers

Where to Buy

The majority of uniform can be purchased at any high street store, eg Primark, M&S, John Lewis, etc.
The items marked * can be purchased from School Uniform Direct




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